Security norm protection, electromagnetic exposure, electromagnetic fields

Context / Goal

In induction ovens, the increase of the power of inductor, in order to maximize the efficiency of processes like vitrification, leads to the generation of very powerful electromagnetic fields. Due to the bad effects of electromagnetic fields on human health, an electromagnetic shield needs to be considered to lower the value of the fields outside of the area of interest.

This shield has to be properly designed to be light enough, minimizing the quantity of raw materials.

SIMTEC's Achievements / Results

Initially, SIMTEC conducted a study to simplify the geometry of the oven in order to keep geometrical details that are significant for the Finite Element analysis. This consideration enables us to obtain an efficient model which can be run in a reasonable time.

Then SIMTEC implemented the Maxwell Equations to compute, in each spatial position, the electric and magnetic field components. This computation has been performed within the harmonic assumption. It has been made more efficient by the use of infinite elements to reduce the size of the surrounding air box and of shell elements/boundary impedance condition.


Numerical simulations have been run with COMSOL Multiphysics®. They enable us to validate some designs and to prescribe some improvements for others.