New customer : AP-HP


20/02/2024 - A new client for SIMTEC : AP-HP ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with AP-HP, a world-renowned university hospital center with a European dimension.



New customer : SAMES


26/09/2023 - A new client for SIMTEC : SAMES ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with SAMES, expert in the application of industrial liquid and powder coatings.



New customer : RSA le Rubis


14/09/2023 - A new client for SIMTEC : RSA le Rubis ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with RSA le Rubis, expert in producing crystals and high-purity alumina.


RSA Le Rubis

Conference COMSOL Munich 2023 : October 25-27


10/08/2023 - We are  delighted to be a Silver Sponsor at the COMSOL European Conference in Munich from 25 to 27 October !

Let's discuss your topics together at our booth. 😊



New customer : CONTINENTAL


03/06/2023 - A new client for SIMTEC : CONTINENTAL ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with CONTINENTAL, a leading supplier for mobility application and renowned for its tires and technical components.


SIMTEC : European key Innovator !


06/03/2023 - SIMTEC has been recognised as a "Key Innovator", by the Innovation Radar scheme, for its participation in the European SHARK project on nano/femtometric laser surface texturing and functionalisation.

The recognition of our work is a great source of pride and makes us want to do even better!

Thank you to our partners who made this possible ! Without them, nothing would have been possible !


 SIMTEC : European key Innovator !

7th International Conference on Material Modelling (ICMM7)


18/12/2022 - Great presentation from Simtec at the 7th International Conference on Material Modelling (ICMM7) at Cape Town !!!

Thanks to all the organizers and to @Schneider Electric for their trust



The 7th International Conference on Materials Modeling was held in Cape Town, South Africa.

This bi-annual conference is the seventh in ICMM's successful series. The first ICMM took place in 2009 in Dortmund, Germany.

The conference has since been held in Paris, Warsaw, Berkeley, Rome and Lund in Sweden.

Organized for the first time in the southern hemisphere, ICMM7 brought together researchers from around the world, involved in the various fields of modeling and characterization of materials.

7th International Conference on Material Modelling (ICMM7)

New customer : METALOR


30/09/2022 - A new client for SIMTEC : METALOR ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with Metalor, one of the world leader in the field of refining and advanced coatings.


New customer : RAKON


28/09/2022 - A new client for SIMTEC : RAKON ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with Rakon, one of the largest manufacturers of frequency control products and timing solutions.


The World Tribology Congress : 11-15 th July 2022


26/07/2022 - The World Tribology Congress was held in Lyon (France), 11-15th July 2022 and the world tribology (science of contact and friction) community was gathered to share the most recent research results in the field !

SIMTEC was one of the sponsors of the event and participated via a booth to present its numerical modelling service offer in tribology.

A special greeting to all our visitors, it wa really nice to meet you all !

WTC Lyon 2022

New customer : PolyPeptide Group


03/03/2022 - A new client for SIMTEC : POLYPEPTIDE GROUP ! 

SIMTEC is proud to announce its collaborations with Polypeptide Group to study a reactor dimensions with the aim of doing a scale-up.


New customer : EMS, the leading manufacturer of precision medical devices !


16/09/2021 - A new client for SIMTEC : EMS ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with EMS, the leading manufacturer of precision medical devices for dental prophylaxis, orthopaedics and urology.


New customer : GE Healthcare, a worldwide leader in medical imaging !


05/09/2021 - A new client for SIMTEC : GE Healthcare ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with GE Healthcare, a worldwide leader in medical imaging.

GE Healthcare

New customer : Parrot, european leader in professional drones !


23/06/2021 - A new client for SIMTEC : Parrot ! 

SIMTEC is proud to work with Parrot, European leader in professional drones.


New customer : French Army Technical Section !


14/04/2021 - A new client for SIMTEC : STAT ! 

SIMTEC is particularly proud to have been selected by the French Army Technical Section for its scientific expertise.


New customer BIGARD !


12/01/2021 - A new client for SIMTEC : BIGARD ! 



Conference COMSOL Europe : October 14-15 On line !


07/10/2020 - Meet us at the COMSOL Europe Conference 2020 !

This year, COMSOL Europe will be available online on October 14 and 15, 2020 and SIMTEC will present 8 articles / posters.

We look forward to meeting you to discuss your topic.

See you online soon !

2 sujets de PFE chez SIMTEC

Folding@home Initiative


31/03/2020 - In these times of worldwide epidemics, SIMTEC has decided to support the initiative Folding@home from Stanford University. Folding@home is a distributed computing project that aims at simulating protein dynamics, providing new opportunities for developing therapeutics. It brings together scientist citizens who volunteer to run simulations on their personal computers. SIMTEC offers to dedicate several dozens of CPU cores and thousands of GPU ones from its own workstations for this purpose.

Come on guys!! Good Luck!! If you'd like to participate too:





21/12/2019 - A new client for SIMTEC : SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC !




SPIE Photonics West Conference in San Francisco 1 to 6 February 2020


04/11/2019 - SIMTEC will attend the SPIE Photonics West Conference, the leading event for the photonics and laser communities, in San Francisco, from 1 to 6 February 2020 !

We will be delighted in discussing with you about your topic !

SPIE Conference

New customer : NAVAL Group !


04/11/2019 - SIMTEC is proud to work with NAVAL Group, a world leader in naval defence, on a project named SIMCORR. The purpose of this project is to model the pitting and crevice corrosion.

Naval Group

New customer : LEGRAND !


25/10/2019 - A new client for SIMTEC : LEGRAND !



M24 term review of the SHARK project in Sensofar


11/10/2019 – The M24 term review of the SHARK project was held in SENSOFAR, Barcelona, last week. Many thanks to Dr Carlos Bermudez for such a productive and eventful meeting !

SHARK project in Sensofar

Webinar on lubrication - September, 19 th : join us !


17/09/2019 – COMSOL in the United-States and SIMTEC are inviting you to our next webinar on Lubrication !

SIMTEC will present its work on lubrication models and applications for COMSOL Server™.

A surprise will be made available to the participants !

Join us on Thursday 09/19 at 2pm EDT (UTC-04:00)."


Webinar on lubrication

Leeds-Lyon Symposium on tribology


16/09/2019 – The Leeds-Lyon Symposium on tribology was in Lyon this year, 2nd - 4th of September, and SIMTEC participated to the conference by presenting a poster.

Vincent Bruyère explained how a process model of laser texturing can feed a lubrication model with surface textures. The whole SIMTEC team thanks the organisers for a very successful conference."

Leeds-Lyon Symposium on tribology

Laser groove Modelling


12/09/2019 – One of our client gave an engaging presentation about his work on laser groove Modelling at the SPIE conference held in San Francisco. This work was carried out by Jeff Moussodji from the University of Sherbrooke, C2MI and IBM Ltd.

If you are interested, here is the link to the conference proceedings :

Glad we could help with this exciting piece of work !

Laser groove Modelling

SHARK EU project : Bi-annual meeting in Barcelone


30/08/2019 – SIMTEC is involved in the SHARK EU project. In this project, we are in charge of modelling the laser-mater interaction with COMSOL Multiphysics. We will meet the SHARK consortium in Barcelone for the bi-annual meeting to detail our work and the major improvements we have obtained.

Our work will be published at the COMSOL European conference in Cambridge.

See you soon in Cambridge !

SHARK Bi-annual meeting in Barcelone

Conference COMSOL Europe : September 24-26 in Cambridge : Meet the SIMTEC team !


24/07/2019 – Meet the SIMTEC team at the COMSOL Conference 2019 ! * *

SIMTEC will be an active member of the COMSOL conference held in Cambridge, 24th-26th September 2019.

Come and meet us at our exhibitor stand, we would be happy to share our modelling tips and discuss how numerical modelling with COMSOL could enhance you productivity and perfect your understanding of physical processes.

See you soon in Cambridge!


New Customer : RADIALL !


22/07/2019 - A new client for SIMTEC : RADIALL !

COMSOL day Aachen


19/06/2019 – Did you know SIMTEC is growing internationally ? We were at the COMSOL day in Aachen this year. A great THANK YOU to Thorsten Koch, Julia Fricke, Johannes Gräwer and all the COMSOL team from Germany for their welcome and organisation. Thank you also to all the participants that day for the interesting talks and we look forward for the following collaborations.


Mid-term review of the SHARK project in Fraunhofer


05/06/2019 - The mid-term review of the SHARK project was held in Fraunhofer, Dresden last month. Thank you for the organisation of the event, a great opportunity to learn about laser systems at the cutting edge of technology such as DLIP systems (using interferences to create patterns).
At SIMTEC, we are highly involved in modelling the physical phenomena of the laser processes. We have experience in modelling laser spot welding, laser texturing, additive manufacturing and others.


SIMTEC invited to the FLINTSTONE project workshop !

SIMTEC was invited to the FLINTSTONE project workshop, on 9th and 10th April 2019 in Lund to give a presentation and present a poster on our tribology modelling expertise. Thanks to all the FLINTSTONE members for the exciting discussions about current challenges in tribology in industry and research. We are looking forward to take the next step and share and develop our knowledge in this field through more European research projects.



Modelling lubricated contacts with SIMTEC experts !


21/02/2019 – Optimize your liquid lubrication processes using accurate numerical predictions!

Looking for an optimized lubricated contact? There is definitely something for you in here!


Working and winning with SIMTEC !


26/10/2018 – Best paper award winners at the COMSOL conference in Lausanne!

SIMTEC’s CEO and CTO were awarded for the prize of the best paper by Svante Littmark, CEO of COMSOL Multiphysics.

This work is the outcome of a successful collaboration with one of our clients (missing on the picture), authorised for publishing.

Feel like taking your work to the next step? Develop your models with SIMTEC!


International COMSOL conferences 2018 sponsored by SIMTEC !


05/09/2018 – Meet the SIMTEC team in Boston and Lausanne this year !

Come discover how we can help you improve your models and products at our booth at COMSOL conferences in:

- Boston, October 3rd – 5th 2018
- Lausanne, October 22nd-24th 2018

We look forward to meeting you and learning about your projects !

SIMTEC at the SNS-CFV-I3P congress ! 


29/06/18 - SIMTEC is a member of the French Scientific and Technical Comitee for Welding Numerical Simulation (GST SNS in French).

On June 26th, a congress dedicated to the numerical modelling of additive manufacturing was held in EDF premises, at their Paris-Saclay research and development laboratories, and we were there!

Thank you to all the organizers and participants for this day full with instructive interactions.



SIMTEC, in the SHARK European Project !


04/06/18 - SIMTEC is involved in the SHARK Project, selected by the European Commission!

A group of 11 research organisations and market leading companies, including SIMTEC, have teamed up to increase the industrial uptake of laser functional texturing and unlock the benefits of the technology for european manufacturers.

More information here: SHARK_PressRelease.pdf

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation under grant agreement no 768701.










New customer: BOSCH !


12/04/2017 - A new client for SIMTEC: BOSCH !



New customer: Groupe ADP !


05/04/2017 - A new client for SIMTEC: Aéroport de Paris, groupe ADP !

More information on


New customer: THALES TDA Armements !


04/15/2017 - A new client for SIMTEC: Thales TDA Armements !

More information on


New customer: GROUPE SEB !



10/07/2016 - A new client for SIMTEC: Groupe SEB !

More information on


SIMTEC: Communication at the International Laser Conference ICALEO 2016


09/23/16 - Vincent Bruyere, Head of the Laser Welding and Additive Manufacturing Department in SIMTEC, presents his works at the international laser conference, ICALEO. The conference takes place in San Diego, USA, on October 16-20.

We are looking forward to seeing you and discussing about your topic!


SIMTEC: booth at the european COMSOL conference 2015


09/13/15 - SIMTEC, as a special partner of COMSOL, will have a booth at the European COMSOL Conference. This year, the conference takes place in Grenoble, on October 14-16.

We are looking forward to seeing you and discussing about your topic!



Two clients of SIMTEC publish their works

08/26/2015 - Two clients of SIMTEC publish their work: CEA LETI and EMIX!

Two of our clients have published their modeling works:

  • EMIX, in the COMSOL NEWS 2015, on the manufacture of photovoltaic silicon,
  • CEA LETI, at the SISPAD conference, the reference conference for microelectronic simulation.

Congratulations to both of them, and thanks to Ms. Cueto, CEA LETI, for having cited SIMTEC in her acknowledgment!




New customer: FIVES-CELES !


06/26/2015 - A new client for SIMTEC: Fives-Celes !

More information on


Modeling Current Distributions in a Molten Salt Electro-Refiner, COMSOL Blog

03/15/2015 - Modeling Current Distributions in a Molten Salt Electro-Refiner

SIMTEC has just proposed an article on the Comsol blog. In this presentation, our electrochemists engineer, Alexandre Oury, shares his expertise for predicting current distributions in electrolysis reactors, using a rather simple and accessible approach. Such models can be implemented for optimizing the design and the operational conditions of the cell in order to get of the most uniform currents possible.

You can read the article at the following address:




Tips and Tricks for Modeling Induction Furnaces, COMSOL Blog

03/05/2015 - Tips and Tricks for Modeling Induction Furnaces

SIMTEC has just submitted an article on the COMSOL blog. In this presentation, one of our Ph.D. engineers, Vincent Bruyère, shares his expertise and his return on experience concerning the modelling of induction furnaces.

You can read the article at the following address:




New customer: Air Liquide !

02/10/15 : Air Liquide decides to work with SIMTEC!

More information on:

New customer: INERIS !


09/24/2014 - A new client for SIMTEC: Ineris !

More information on


SIMTEC involved in TENERRDIS !

06/20/14 : With its experience on energy, hydraulic, electrochemistry and recycling modeling, SIMTEC becomes a member of the competitiveness cluster TENERRDIS.

More information on:

SIMTEC involved in the EU FP7 !

02/25/2014 - SIMTEC participates in the EU FP7 funded project named REEcover.

We are in charge of all of the numerical models of the physical processes involved to develop and optimize new technologies to recover rare earths.


New customer: Airbus !

05/22/2013 - A new client for SIMTEC: Airbus !

More information on


New customer: Kisco Int. !

01/15/2013 - A new client for SIMTEC: Kisco Int.!

More information on



New customer: FAURECIA

08/05/2012 - A new client for SIMTEC: FAURECIA!

More information on



New customer: SAINT-GOBAIN

05/14/2012 - A new client for SIMTEC: SAINT-GOBAIN!

More information on



New customer: SCHLUMBERGER

03/06/2012 - A new client for SIMTEC: SCHLUMBERGER

More information on


New customer: CETIM

03/06/2012 - A new client for SIMTEC: CETIM

More information on



01/02/2012 - A new reference for SIMTEC in the medical field: DBV-TECHNOLOGIES becomes client!

More information on


dbv technologies

New customer: Rhodia

08/17/2011 - A world leader in the development and production of specialty chemicals, RHODIA, chooses SIMTEC to work on its modelling studies.

More information on


New customer: ESRF

08/17/2011 - The ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) decides to work with SIMTEC on its modelling studies.

More information on


CEA Grenoble: Optimization with COMSOL Multiphysics

05/31/2011 - SIMTEC will introduce to the audience the different ways to optimize models with COMSOL Multiphysics. This presentation takes place at the CEA Grenoble, June the 6th, at 10h. No knowledge about optimization is required. The presentation is made in French. Questions can be in English.

06/11/2011 *update* Click here to download the files


New customer: SYNGAS

01/05/2011 - SYNGAS is an engineering company specialized in innovative industrial technology. Its approach is based on numerical methods and understandings of physical phenomena.


More information on



New customer: CIRAD

12/15/2010 - CIRAD is a French research centre working with developing countries to tackle international agricultural and development issues.

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New customer: SORIN GROUP !

11/15/2010 - SORIN is a global medical device company and a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

More information on



SIMTEC: booth at the European COMSOL Conference

10/28/2010 - SIMTEC, as a special partner of COMSOL, will have a booth at the European COMSOL Conference. This year, the conference takes place at Versailles, on November 17-19.

More information at