oven, heat transfer, convection, conduction, radiation, gas burner, combustion, design, heat.Heating processes :

  • Thermics in large buildings:
    optimization of the position of heat generators to minimize energetic loss
  • Industrial oven
    -) spatial distribution of temperature to reduce thermal gradient inside heated products
    -) free convection and radiation in tube bundles
  • Induction heating:
    transmitted power, circulation of induced currents
  • Gas burner:
    optimization of the geometry to increase efficiency
  • Drying processes:
    precise quantitative data of the transmitted power to glazes or paints
  • Free convection and Joule effect in high tension

Cooling processes :

  • Refrigeration/air-conditioning in large volumes
  • Cooling with phase change considerations (solid/liquid/vapor) based on the thermodynamic diagram of the materia
  • Optimization of the forced convection
  • Cooling devices used in laboratories:
    temperature homogenization in a thermal enclosure
  • Optimization of cooling in electronic cards, with copper  interconnections, in LED devices