SIMTEC is an engineering modeling company, whose goal is to assist industrial professionals in their processing development, research using innovative approaches. With strong collaboration and continual interaction, we help our clients to structure their research and to study scientifically their new ideas based on their business experience. We can develop easy-to-use custom numerical software to providing a decision support tools based on scientific computations, for our customers.

We are expert in numerical modeling, with the software COMSOL Multiphysics, of many physical phenomena. Our experience in these fields, combined with our expertise in modeling, allows us to assist you in an efficient research approach. From a punctual modeling study to a long-term collaboration, our common work gives you a qualitative and quantitative knowledge of your engineering processes, in order to optimize and innovate faster.


SIMTEC is certified as a Research Organization by the French Research Administration: Direction Générale de la Recherche et de l’Innovation.


SIMTEC is certified as a COMSOL expert by the company COMSOL.


SIMTEC is certified as a Training Organization.








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